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Thanks to the great folks at Bush Smarts for giving us permission to use their imagery for this demo theme. Here's a bit about them, in their own words: 

Like most long-distance backpackers, I thought an axe or knife were nostalgic, too heavy to take along. But skilled woodsmen have valued these icons of the wild since the Neolithic and if I wanted to walk with legends I needed to learn from them. 

Gear that taps into the heritage of bushcraft, yet is practical enough for trekking proved as elusive as the legendary Jackalope. So Kevin and I joined forces. We camped with cowboys. We chopped with lumberjacks. We learned from Neanderthals. Then we began to assemble our ideal kit by designing and making our own gear or adding our own twist to existing gear. And like the Jackalope our products became hybrids of the exceptional from different breeds of outdoorsmen. 

Bush Smarts was born – the love child of tradition and performance, created not only to provide gear and know-how but also to fuel the imagination.

We encourage you to get inspired and begin your walk with legends.